Founded in 2001, the clan known as Dark Dragon Squadron,  (DDS) began as a small clan playing X-Wing Alliance and expanded into other computer based games. We eventually merged with another clan, the Messengers of Death (MOD) and continued playing regularly until 2005.

The clan was reborn in 2018 as Zero Command (Z3R0) during the Rise to Power Beta. We exploded onto the scene and made our presence felt in the Imperial Alliance.  Our members are Star Wars fans  who have vast experience not only flying, but in strategy as well.

Like any good Imperial Fleet, we operate multiple squadrons, each with their own commander, who is the primary contact for their individual squadron.

Aside from Squadrons, we play Empire at War, Battlefront II, and of course X-Wing Alliance.  Our members are professional, but know how to keep things fun for our members. We cater to a wide array of availability, but we do ask that members communicate. We would like every member to feel like they belong.  Artist of various ships used including but not limited to TIE Defender, TIE Avenger and Imperial Star Destroyer

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